The difference between Vintage, Retro & Antiques

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Vintage fashion is quite popular right now; every runway, clothing store, and the big brand has something or the other from vintage classics. Nevertheless, there is a lot of misunderstanding about retro clothes, vintage clothing, and antique clothing. Nine individuals out of ten inquire, “What does vintage imply in fashion?” 

It might seem familiar to all, but there is a definite difference between vintage inspired clothing, retro, and antiques. 

We’ll describe vintage fashion in this post and compare it to two other popular phrases that are now popular.

Definition of vintage fashion: 

Vintage is a phrase used in fashion to describe apparel created between the years 20 and 100. A clothing piece includes style features relevant to the trends of the time to be classified as vintage. 

When compared to the antiques, these are items that are over 100 years old.

In the fashion world, the phrases “vintage,” “retro,” and “antique” are frequently interchanged. Although, there is a considerable difference between all. The item’s age is a critical aspect in distinguishing between all. 

In addition, age and its quality and rarity are considered to calculate the price. As a result, words like vintage inspired clothing, retro, and antique might help purchasers figure out when an item was produced. When it comes to designer goods, the phrase vintage typically connotes collectability. 

The basic definition of the term “vintage” might help to clarify the situation. 

Let’s understand this with an example: A pair of sunglasses manufactured in 1985 that appears identical to a pair made in 2020 will be considered vintage. However, you can’t call these spectacles “vintage” if the style isn’t from the 1980s.

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What Does Antique Fashion Mean? 

Antique refers to furniture, clothes, jewellery, or artwork that is at least 100 years old. Any object advertised as antique, however, must have a verified age. 

For example, if you’re selling an antique but don’t know how old it is, it’s better to call it “vintage.” 

What Does Retro Fashion Mean? 

This is perhaps the most confusing line with vintage inspired clothing. However, the clothing and accessories inspired by earlier styles manufactured within the last 20 years are referred to as “retro.” 

Retro clothes are typically less expensive than vintage clothing or antique couture, and it has a more casual feel to it. 

Retro clothing does not have to be precise replicas of previous eras’ fashions. 

It’s sufficient if it’s produced in the same style as the object that inspired it. Every decade sees a diverse range of styles, but only a select handful become well-known and prominent enough to form part of the appearance that characterizes that decade. 

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